WHO questioned the need for repeated vaccination against COVID-19

WHO immunization expert Ann Lindstrand said that at the moment there is not enough data on the need for fully vaccinated COVID-19 patients to be vaccinated again. It is much more important to ensure that the maximum number of people are vaccinated, she said at a briefing. A video of the meeting is available on YouTube.

Lindstrand questioned the relevance of repeated vaccination against coronavirus, since there is currently insufficient evidence for this. According to her, this issue is being studied by the WHO strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE) on immunization. “We do not have enough systematic evidence that would indicate the need for booster doses,” the expert stressed.

The specialist explained that the effectiveness of the drugs decreases over time. But if a person has been vaccinated with any of the WHO-approved coronavirus vaccines, then he is under reliable protection. In her opinion, countries that have already started using booster doses (additional vaccinations that enhance the effect of the drug) should change their vaccination program and share medicines with states that are experiencing a shortage of them.

“Therefore, we believe that instead of being sprayed, we need to focus on increasing the number of vaccinated people,” she concluded.

Earlier, the United States announced its readiness to use the third dose of coronavirus vaccines. The American authorities said that they have a plan in case of emergency. In addition, there are stocks of drugs in the country.